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Astros Win Recap + Tomorrow's Padres Rematch
by posted 05/18/2022

Rays Parents,

Another great effort by the Rays this Sunday against the Astros with highlights across the team in our defense and offense. Most impressive was our defense, where we registered a total of 8 outs (1 shy of the max for 3 innings) and we ended 2 innings with 3 outs.  The first inning, a perfect inning with 3 up and 3 down.  Then the 3rd inning, where we ended the game with a double play on a popup to the pitcher and caught a runner not tagging up. 

Offensively, we batted around each inning, scored 15 runs, and left 8 on base ultimately winning the game 15 -8 thanks again to our stellar 1st and 3rd innings where we held the Astros scoreless.

Rematch against the Padres 

Looking ahead to tomorrow's game against the Padres, the game is 5:30PM at Roche Field. Please arrive at 5:30PM with gametime starting after warmups.  Last game, we won 31 to 17 but the score did not reflect how even the game was as benefitted from a larger roster.  We will again stress defense, getting outs, and knowing where to go with the ball at all times to continue our defensive upswing.

Right now, we have a roster of 12 players (versus 9 positions on a typical diamond).  We are going to add extra players to the outfield (6 outfielders) versus having players sit the bench as long as the Padres are ok with it.  The simple math means that some players will need to play the entire game, 3 innings, in the infield. The coaches would appreciate your support with your players here.  Letting them know the importance of the outfield and that we are working hard to balance infield, outfield as best we can but there are just more outfield positions available with a loaded roster.  

For pitching, we are going to give a handful of pitching prospects a shot tomorrow before the game to see if they are ready to throw strikes at Roche, if not tomorrow, there are still ample opportunities in upcoming weeks ...  Noah, Wyatt, Parker, Leo R are on tap for a quick gametime "tryout" at 5:30PM.  We also have Brandon and Leo C in case we need them.

Go Rays!

The Coaches



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Pirates Game Recap, This Weekend Game Alert
by posted 05/12/2022

Hi Ray's Parents,

Big win on Tuesday against the Pirates with a final score of 19-14 and a turnaround on defense where we would have ened 2 of 3 innings with outs - registering a total of 7 regulation outs, 9 outs total. Great job to the players for making plays in the infield and keeping the ball in front of them, making throws and knowing where to go with the ball.  Not perfect but an amazing step up from the last game.

This was also the first full "player pitch" game with Brandon, Devak and Leo C each pitching an inning of quality ball.  

Some learnings from this full "player pitch" game is that we need to be faster on limiting the # of pitches to 3 when it becomes clear that the Rays or opponent player is not tracking the kid pitched ball and needs coach pitch.  This change sped up innings 2-3 and will speed up this weekend's game. 


Looking ahead, we have practice on Saturday at 2PM at Stearns field.  Besides fundamentals and fun, we will also "tryout" others that want to pitch to set the pitching rotation for Sunday.  Right now, we have Noah and the return of Wyatt unless someone else is ready (2-3 strikes out of 5 pitches is the goal, after a couple of warmup batters).  We will set the lineup, pitching at the end of Saturday's practice.

For Sunday, the game is at 1PM and please arrive at 1PM, NOT 12:30PM as originally requested.  Going forward, we are going to play 3 innings and start the game 30 minutes after the arrival time - as per a new league directive for Single A.  Next year, the play will start at the game time.  

Go Rays!


The Coaches



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Rays - Nationals Recap + This Week's Schedule
by posted 05/08/2022

Ray's Parents,

Happy Mother's Day again and a win made it extra special I am sure.  The final score was 19-15 and it was game filled with exciting plays, big hits and our first foray into "player pitch" - congratulations to Wyatt for taking the mound for us today.  And congrats to Brandon and John for registering our first "player pitch" hits! 

Regarding this week's goals of improving our fundamentals of catching, throwing, and knowing where to be / where to go with the ball, we saw some solid improvement with more work to be done.  Baseball is a tough, multi-dimensional game and it takes time to understand the basics of each position's 'job' in situations. 

Turning to stats, for registered "outs" - we actually lost the "outs" battle (but we were so close on a few plays) ... registering 3 outs to the National's 5 outs; neither team stopped an inning with 3 outs. Regarding runners LOB, we left 6 on base, the National's 7.

For this week, our next game is Tuesday versus the Pirates at 5:30PM.  Please be at the field at 5PM to help us get set, we will ask the other team to be ready to start the game at 5:30PM vs. arrive at 5:30PM.  The field is likely to change from Carr in the next day so watch for a notification.

Next on the mound for the Rays is Brandon and anyone looking to pitch can give it a try by arriving early and practicing accuracy between now and then.  Wyatt will be available to pitch on Tuesday but may or may not pitch depending on others getting the opportunity and time permitting.  As we did today, we will again be mixing in player and coach pitch and more quickly step in after 5 pitches to keep the game moving.


Since we only finished 3 innings today, the fielding strategy of shifting positions every 2 innings is a bit out of sync.  If 3 innings becomes the norm vs 4 we might need to change our system but we'd prefer to start on time and move the kid pitch faster to get 4 innings in.


Batting order wise, we will shift to high to low #s this Tuesday and will also look at alternating high to low per inning to mix things up a bit.  Next weekend, we also might introduce random batting orders per game so the middle of the lineup can move around and experience different parts of the order.


Lastly, we also want to officially welcome our newest Ray to the team, Noah.  Noah is our first and only lefty and already contributed to our team's success today! 



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by posted 05/08/2022

Rays Parents,

Happy Mother's Day to all the Rays moms, what better way to enjoy the day than with a little baseball.

This past Thursday's game against the A's was a great learning opportunity for the boys on a number of fronts, and re-inforced the importance of fundamentals - fielding, throwing, catching... to get outs.  As a team we registered 6 outs and ended 1 inning with 3 outs while the A's registered 8 outs and ended 2 innings early for us.  We were outscored as well, 24-16 but in Single A you bat your full lineup so teams with more players so while we are keeping score, this is a transition league and it is not really about wins-losses in the end.  The goals are fun, learning, camraderie...

Thank you to all that could make yesterday's practice to focus on the fundamentals, it is noticeable that the players are improving every day they practice.


For today's game at 1PM against the Nationals (Roche), please be at the field by 12:30PM, we are going to try to mix in player and coach pitch.  For those interested in pitching, please come at 12:30PM sharp as we will be evaluating pitching then.


Note that practices will now be at Stearns field.  Carr is receiving some needed seeding and landscaping love and is out of commission for a few weeks.


The coaches

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