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Williamsport & Little League State Tournaments  

The Williamsport and state tournament are part of the spring program. This is the most competitive baseball in which Newton Little League plays. The all stars represent the all start teams from the spring teams. Players must play in spring to be eligible for the Little League Williamsport and state tournament teams. Newton Little League submits teams at each age group: 12 year old all-stars (players can be 11 or 12), 11 year or all stars (players can be 11 or 10) and the 10 year old all-stars. The 12 year old all-stars play US pool of the international little league tournament which culminates in Williamsport. The two younger levels have teams that can play through to the state level.

Given the competitive nature of these tournaments, Newton Little League has a guideline that the top 20% of players in each age group from the spring registration play in the state tournaments. The registration numbers of players who are league age 12, 11, and 10, will determine whether Newton Little League submits either 1 or 2 teams at each age group.
Newton Little League is in district 10, which also includes

•    Newton Southeast
•    Wellesley North and South
•    West Roxbury (Parkway) AL and NL
•    Brookline
•    Watertown
•    Waltham

There are a total of 16 districts in Massachusetts. 


Team Selection

The road to Williamsport begins with the selection of all-star teams that is competing in the tournament process. Each league selects up to 14 players (and no less than 12) (who must be  age eligible before May 1 of the tournament year and have played in at least 60% of their team’s games in Newton Little League that spring.
Full commitment to the practice and game schedule is mandatory and takes precedence over ALL SYBL and other summer programs.

The Williamsport committee will meet in mid June with the AL and NL Manager of the Williamsport teams, and the other managers in that division. The committee will select the first 10 players on team with deep input from the managers from that division. Selection will be based on the body of play observed throughout the entire Newton little league season. The Williamsport manager will select the final 2-3 roster spots, provided that his/her own son is not one of these, in which case he/she may defer to the committee for the final spots and their selections. Williamsport teams are talent based All Star teams and decisions will be based on playing success during the little league season, attitude and work ethic, and commitment.

Players will be contacted by the tournament team manager shortly after selection, but not before June 15 in accordance with Little League regulations.

Manager Selection

The league also selects a manager for each tournament team from the list of current managers and coaches  during the current season. In order to be considered for selection, a manager must notify the league’s Williamsport Director of his intention during the player registration process. The Williamsport committee of the Board will review all requests and interview interested managers as necessary and make a recommendation to the Board. Manager's will then select their two allowed for coaches.